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17th August SSC CGL 2017 Questions with Answers (All Shifts)

Questions asked in SSC CGL 2017 All Shifts (17-08-2017) 

General Awareness (GK) Questions asked in SSC CGL 2017 Tier-1 Exam (17th August 2017)

SHIFT-I (Based on Memory)
  1. Which Country was runner up in Kabaddi world Cup 2016? Iran
  2. Sound is generated by? larynx
  3. Convert 1001001 binary into decimal.? 73
  4. Jama masjid build in which century? 17th century (1656)
  5. Xylem first produces in which part? Stem
  6. Alternate name of milk of magnesia- Magnesium hydroxide
  7. Women emperor Didda ruled which state in India  during 990 BC? Kashmir
  8. High court judge retirement age from 60 to 62 by which constitution amendment? 15th
  9. Who discovered sodium? Humphry Davy
  10. What is vocal cord length in men? 17 mm and 25 mm in length
  11. Tomato brinjal potato fall in which category? Solanaceae
  12. Sound is generated from which of the following?
  13. UK human development index 2016 rank? 16
  14. Which part of Himalaya is located between Kali and Sutluj river? Kumaon himalaya
  15. What is the Britain rank in FDI?
  16. Who got Booker Prize in 2016? Paul Beatty (The Sellout )
  17. What are the uses of url world wide Web?
  18. Which Train is connecting Pakistan and India? Samjhauta Express
  19. Name the North West border sharing country with India? Pakistan/Afganistan
  20. Earthworm Leeches belongs to which group

Spellings: Blandness, Perverted
Antonym: diffident

  1. Who won the Chinese Grand Prix in 2017?  Lewis Hamilton
  2. ECG was discovered by? Willem Einthoven
  3. Char Minar is in which state?  Hyderabad
  4. Number of members of Rajya Sabha from Punjab? Seven
  5. What is act as shield against UV rays? Stratosphere
  6. Which country is not a member of Bay of Bengal BIMSTEC?
  7. Agra fort was built by whom? Akbar
  8. How many states India has as of June 2017? 29
  9. Which yojna has been launched related to development of rural, social, cultural.
  10. North East plain formed by Ganga, Sindhu and ____?
  11. Kelvin is the unit of? Temperature
  12. India’s rank in Human Development Index (HDI)? 131
  13. Rank of Norway in HDI in 2016? 1
  14. If a planet is revolving in an ellipse then what is the position of the sun?
  15. Sliding friction is ____than static friction? Less than
  16. One Question on Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission (SPMRM)
  17. Mangifera Indica is the scientific name of Mango, what does magnifera Indicates in this nomenclature ? Higher classification
  18. Red fort was built by ? Shah Jahan

  1. LinkedIn was bought by?  Microsoft
  2. Jama Masjid was built by? Shah Jahan
  3. What is the acid found in Ant sting? Formic Acid
  4. Which dynasty lived in Red Fort – Mughal dynasty
  5. Which crop was forcefully cropped by Punjab farmers in British time?
  6. Which Year the drafting committee was formed? 1946
  7. Fifa 2014 was held at? Brazil
  8. Number of vocal cords in human? two
  9. What is the Second Stage of Xylem? 
  10. What is the length of Indian Border? 15200 km
  11. Which Movie won Oscar award ? Moonlight
  12. Red Blood cells formed in which bone marrow? Red Bone Marrow
  13. Which right to use if not satisfied with judgment? Right to constitutional remedy (Article 32)
  14. inventor of Color photography? James Clerk Maxwell
  15. Which river connects India and Pakistan? Chenab
  16. Patkai range is part of which mountain?
  17. Definition of pollution? 
  18. Push & Pull of object in science is called? Force
  19. Which Yojana related to cleanliness of Children?
  20. Which hydroxide is present in soap? Sodium Hydroxide
  21. One question based on phylum chordata features.

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Disclaimer: Question provided here is based on feedback and may not be 100% accurate, but this will surely help in understanding the pattern of SSC CGL 2017. (Tier-1).

If you have appeared and remember any questions please do comment.

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