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16th August SSC CGL 2017 Questions with Answers (All Shifts)

Questions asked in SSC CGL 2017 All Shifts (16-08-2017) 

General Awareness (GK) Questions asked in SSC CGL 2017 Tier-1 Exam (16th August 2017)

SHIFT-I (Based on Memory)

1. How many times can a person be a President of India? Many Times
2. HemaMalini: beyond the dream Girl book was written by? Ram Kamal Mukherjee
3. What is the process called in which solids converts directly to gases? Sublimation
4. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is the leader of which movement? Bardoli Satyagrah
5. Which hockey player is given Padma Shri award in 2017? P. R. Sreejesh
6. Bronze is an alloy made up of? Copper and Tin
7. Which is the largest gland in the human body? Liver
8. Which of the following has the maximum difference in temperature in Day- Night? Desert
9. Theory of relativity is given by? Albert Einstein
10. Judicial Review has been taken from which country? USA
11. Dulari Kanya scheme launched in which state? Arunachal Pradesh
12. The right portion of the heart receives what kind of blood(pure/impure/mixed/none)? Impure
13. SAARC summit 2016 was postponed, where was it to be held? Pakistan
14. Rail link was laid from China on 10th April 2017 ..to which country? UK
15. Night blindness caused due to deficiency of? Vitamin A
16. Who killed Lord Saunders? Bhagat Singh and Rajguru
17. What do I mean in MICR? Ink 
18. Study of Tumor is Called? Oncology
19. The indifference curve is related to? Two goods that gives equal satisfaction and utility
20. Hydraulic Lift works on which principle? Pascal's Law
21. Lichen and mosses are found in which region? Tundra
22. At what temp. Celsius and Fahrenheit are same? -40 Degrees

23. Fly ashes are formed in which of these? Coal Power Plant

24. "Quensburry Rule" is related to which sport? Boxing


SSC CGL 2017 Tier 1-Quantitative Aptitude Questions (16th August 2017)

1. if x=5-2√6 then find the value of √x+1√x?
2. If x+ 1/x =5 ,then find the value of x-1/x?
3. If the ratio between boys and girls is 2:3 and average of their age is 18 and 21 then find the overall average?
4. In triangle abc, ad is bisector of a ,then ab : bc is 3:4 and the area of triangle abc is 350 then find area of triangle abd?
5. If cosec@= x + 1/4x,Find cosec@ + cot@?
6.  If the radius of the incircle of an equilateral triangle is 10 cm.find circumradius?
7. Given amount after 3 yrs is 7727.104 at 12% CI.find principal?
8. Marked price is 1280 and selling price is 900.find discount %?

SHIFT-II (Based on Memory)

1. Which is the first Super computer in the world? Atlas

2. Where will be BRICS 2017 will be held? Xiamen, China

3. Chemical Formula of Quick Lime? CAO

4. What is SI unit of power? Watt

5. Who is the author of book "The Windfall"? Diksha Basu

6.Which article is the heart and soul of Indian Constitution ? Article 32

7. Edward Jenner invented which vaccine? Small Pox

8. After which act East India Company lost commercial monopoly of trading? Charter Act 1813

9. Ginger is a Stem or Root? Stem

10. The rolling plan came after which 5-year plan? Fifth Plan (74-78)

11. Serena Williams defeated her sister to win which Grand Slam? Grand Slam 23 (Australia Open 2017)

12. Match the following questions on three medivial wars (Haldighati, Panipat, and Buxar)?

13.  Filmfare lifetime achievement award 2017 is given to ? Shatrughan Sinha

14. Who launched Chipko movement ? Sunderlal Bahuguna

15. Which of these is not a Coal? Signite

16. One match the following Question  on green, white & pink revolution.

SSC CGL 2017 Tier 1 Maths (Quantitative Aptitude) Questions - SHIFT-II

Q. What is the value of (Cos^4 A - Sin^4 A)

Q. Value of (1- 1/Sin A) (1- 1/Cos A) (1+ 1/Cot A)

Q. If in a Cylindrical shape Radius is decreased by 20% then what percent of increase is needed in height to keep the Volume of the Cylinder the same.

Q. If 2 Men or 3 Women do a work in 96 days then how many days will it take for 6 Men and 7 Women to do the same work. (there should have been "and" instead of "or" in this question)

Q. Two trains one with 35 KMPH speed and the other with 40 KMPH Speed are going in opposite directions, the small train is 450 M long and the larger one is 550 M long. How much time in seconds the smaller train will take to pass the larger train.

Q. When a certain amount is given on 10% Simple interest, in 20 years the interest of the sum becomes 500 Rs. more than the sum. What is the Sum given.

Q. Average of 8 Consecutive numbers is 38.5, what is the highest number?

Q. MP was 40% more than CP. Discount = 15%. Find the profit %?

Q.  3A = 2B=12C Find the ratio A:B:C?

Q. Find the value of a^3 + b^3+c^3-3abc if a=73, b=74, c=75.

Q. What will be the value of X in a number 211x so that it becomes perfect square?

Q. Pie Chart: Total number of runs of a player was given against different countries in percentages.
(i) The difference of runs for two countries.
(ii) The number of runs for a particular country.

ENGLISH Questions asked on SSC CGL 2017 

Idioms - Damp Squib, Rise like a phoenix
synonym : Churlish,  Jeopardy

SHIFT-III (Based on Memory)

1.  David Warner is a cricket player of which country: Australia

2.  Financial emergency in which article in Indian constitution? Article 360

3. How many Parts are there in human Brain? Three

4. Who is the inventor of radar? Heinrich Hertz

5. Longest bullet train is in which country? China

6. Who was awarded Padma Vibhushan in the field of music? K. J. Yesudas

7. The autobiography Suitable boy is written by? Vikram Seth

8. Who discovered electron? JJ Thomson

9. What is an adrenaline? Hormone

10. Poona Pact was held between Mahatma Gandhi and ? B R Ambdkar

11. Which of these in not an Input Device? Plotter

12. Carbolic Acid is also known as ? Phenol

13. Indian Forests are mostly of which type? Tropical Forest

14. When the light goes from one medium to another medium it is called? Refraction

15. Narmada Bachao andolan is related to?

16. Which country is not a member of IORA? China

17. Which is not a fundamental duty.

18. Who abolished sati pratha in India? Lord William Bentic

19. Lorenz Curve is related to? Distribution of income

20. What is the minimum fair of UDAN Scheme? 2500

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Disclaimer: Question provided here is based on feedback and may not be 100% accurate, but this will surely help in understanding the pattern of SSC CGL 2017. (Tier-1).

If you have appeared and remember any questions please do comment.

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