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11th August SSC CGL 2017 Questions with Answers

Questions asked in SSC CGL 2017 All Shifts (11-08-2017)

General Awareness (GK) Questions asked in SSC CGL 2017 Tier-1 Exam (11 August 2017)

SHIFT-I (Based on Memory)

  1. SI unit of temperature? Kelvin
  2. Ph of Milk is slightly? Slightly Acidic
  3. Financial emergency is defined under which article ?  Article 360
  4. Who won the Arjuna Award in 2016?
  5. Facebook is ban which country?  China, north korea
  6. Gadar party was established by? Sohan Singh Bhakna
  7. Kalbaisakhi or norwesters thunderstorm comes in which two countries? India and bangladesh
  8. Strait of Gibraltar connects?  Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea
  9. IVF (Vitru Fertilization) was invented by?  Steptoe and Edwards
  10. Wimbledon is related to which sports? Lawn tennis
  11. Author of book "Six Machine" I don't like cricket i love cricket : Chris Gayle
  12. In which year east India Company was established ? 1600
  13. What is the full form of RNA?  Ribonucleic acid
  14. The Biggest Mammal?
  15. Question on which is not Emulsifier?
  16. Loans given to trustworthy customers at which rate? prime lending rate
  17. Type of Himalyan Mountain : Fold
  18. One Question on Kyoto protocol?
  19. Weight of an Object is maximum at ? Poles
  20. What is a NetScape Navigator? Web Browser
  21. Disease Caused by UV rays?
  22. Lucky Grahak Yojna was launched by? NITI Aayog
  23. What is the main feature of federalism?
  24. Medium loan Period? 5 Years

SHIFT-II (Based on Memory)

  1. Who wrote Akbarnama? Abu'l-Fazl
  2. Which is the longest cell in human body? Nerve Cell
  3. How many members can be nominated to Rajya Sabha by president? 12
  4. Which of these is non-communicable disease ? cancer
  5. Which element is responsible for color of skin ? Melanin
  6. Opticle fiber works on the principle of ?Total Internal reflection
  7. What is the function of electric motor? Coversion of electric energy into mechanical energy
  8. Full form of RRR ? Reduce,Reuse and Recycle
  9. Pancha sahib gurudwra is located in? Pakistan
  10. What is the distance between two longitudes? 111 Km
  11. State or Constitutional emergency comes under which article? 352
  12. Use of Potasium nitrate? Fertilizers
  13. What was the motoo of third 5 year plan? Agriculture
  14. khalsa was brought by ? Guru Gobind Singh
  15. Which Novel of Shakespear is wrongly dated? Hamlet
  16. Cobra Gold is an military exercise between Thailand and ? USA
  17. Who Discovered Pentium chip ? Vinod Dham
  18. Economic system with private and state economy is called ? Mixed or Dual Economy
  19. Winds from Sahara Desert to Mediterranean sea is called? SIROCCO
  20. Satyajit ray has not directed which film? 
  21. Matching question on sports personalities and games associated with them 

SHIFT-III (Based on Memory)

  1. Which organelle is the powerhouse of the cell? Mitochondria
  2. Which amendment is called mini Constitution? 42nd Amendment
  3. Who won the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2016?
  4. Who is known as the father of modern computers? Alan turing
  5. Which war fought between sirajuddaula & Lord Clive?
  6. Akhada, a book on Mahavir Fogat is written by? Saurabh Duggal
  7. CaOCl2 is known as? Bleaching Powder
  8. What is the name if disease caused by Nickel? Dermatitis
  9. Fathom is the unit of measurement of? Depth
  10. What is the full form of ITCZ? Intertropical Convergence Zone
  11. What is the most important properties of elements of same group in periodic table?
  12. Where is the alps mountain located? Europe
  13. An Amount of Rs 6000 for Pregnent women yojana was declared on? 31 December 2016
  14. Kaladan project related to which country? Myanmar
  15. Prime Minister of which neighbouring country came at the Brahamaputra River festival? Bangladesh 
  16. Who invented ultrasound machine ? Ian Donald
  17. Which of these do not have cell wall? Euglena
  18. One Question on matching from Olympic games..
  19. One Question on matching of temple like hampi, dilwada, lingraj..
  20. One Question on Judiciary System
  21. One Question on Light as a Particle
  22. One question related to rail project.

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