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10 August SSC CGL 2017 Exam Analysis (All Shift)

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis 2017: 10th Aug (All Shifts)

Based on the feedback of many students, we have analysed exam pattern of today's (10th August 2017) all shifts of SSC CGL Tier 1 2017. We found some points which are mentioned below.
1. Reasoning is the most scoring section in this exam. 
2. General Awareness section is easy to moderate and candidates can easily score 22-28 marks with the help of previous year papers. Questions asked from Current Affairs were difficult.
3. If you have not practised, Quant section will be difficult for you. Data Interpretation is Calculative and lengthy. Around 9-11 questions were asked from advanced maths in every shift.
4. In the English Section, Change in the pattern is due to Cloze test, Para jumbles, Narration and Voices. 
let's see the detailed analysis section wise.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis 2017,10th Aug (All Shifts): Reasoning

Below are the topics from which only 1 question will be asked surely. Candidates are advised to revise thoroughly these topics. There are total 7 questions which you can easily attempt within a short span of time. The difficulty level of these questions is easy. We also suggest you not to miss these questions.
  • Matrix, Mirror/Water Image, Word Formation, Counting of Figures, Paper Cutting and Folding, Embedded Figures, Cubes and Dice, Missing Number (matrix form).
The number of questions asked from the topics mentioned below is variable and level of difficulty is also different shift-wise. And it is easy to moderate.
But some of the topics which have more weight-age such as Classification, Analogy, Coding-Decoding and Series. You must prepare for these topics.

  • Classification: (2-3)
  • Analogy: (2-3)
  • Coding - Decoding: (2-3)
  • Series (Numerical+Alphabetical): (2-3)
  • Blood relation: (0-1)
  • Distance & Direction: (0-1)
  • Venn Diagrams: (0-1)
  • Statements & Conclusion: (0-1)

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis 2017,10th Aug (All Shifts): General Awareness

Must read Subjects:
  • Indian Polity: Making of the Constitution, Articles, Fundamental Duties & Rights, DPSP, Preamble, Ammendments (asked in previous year papers).
  • Modern History: Viceroys & Governors, Revolt of 1857, Freedom Fighters and their Slogans
  • Medieval History: Mughals and their cabinet personalities 
  • Ancient History: Indus Valley Civilisation, Maurya and Gupta.
  • Physics: Discoveries and Inventions, SI units, Important Physics laws
  • Chemistry: Chemical Compounds which are used in daily life
  • Biology: Diseases and its deficiency, Plants and Cells, Scientists who discovered diseases, Questions related to functions of organs.
  • Geography: Oceans and Continents, Questions related to boundaries (previously asked), Name of Cyclones (Country wise)
  • Current Affairs: Books and Authors (the level is difficult), Awards and Honours (related to Sports, Social and Cultural), Current Govt. Schemes, 
  • Static GK: Builders and their buildings, No. of players in sports, Location of institutes and organisation

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis 2017,10th Aug (All Shifts): Quantitative Aptitude

  • Geometry: (3-4) - Moderate to difficult, tricky, More focus should be on Circle. If your basics (in depth) are clear, it will be easy for you. 
  • Trigonometry: (3-4) - Moderate, Formula and identities based
  • Algebra: (3-4) - Calculative, know the important tips and tricks to solve these type of questions. While solving the questions, steps should be minimised.
  • Profit and Loss: (1-2): Easy to moderate
  • Discount: 1 - easy
  • Percentage: (1-2) - easy to moderate
  • Time and Work: (1-2) - easy, sometimes calculative
  • SI & CI: 1 
  • Speed, time & Distance: (0-1)
  • Average: 1
  • Ratio & Proportion: (0-1)
  • Data Interpretation: (4-5) - Calculative, time-consuming (Solve it neatly and keep the data of previous questions safe, it may be useful for next question.)

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Analysis 2017,10th Aug (All Shifts): English 

The level of this section depends on vocabulary portion. If vocabulary is asked from previous year papers then it becomes easy. If vocabulary is new, it makes difficult.
Note: In this section, there is no fixed scheduling of questions and are asked in the mixed pattern. Read questions carefully before attempting. 
Question from Narration and Voices are easy. Cloze test is also easy to moderate based on both grammar and vocabulary.

Pattern of English

  • Cloze test - 5
  • Narration -1
  • Voice-1
  • Error Spotting - 3
  • Sentence Improvement -3
  • Para jumbles - 2
  • Idioms & Phrase - 2
  • One Word -2
  • Antonym -2 
  • Synonym -2
  • Spelling Error - 2
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