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English Vocabulary from “The Hindu News Paper” – 7th July 2017

Mr. Modi in Israel – The Hindu (Jul 07, 2017)

While welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Tel Aviv, his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu,said his country had awaited the visit for “seventy years”.  For further reading, visit “The Hindu”.
Courtesy: The Hindu

Word List-1

  1. affirm (verb) – assert, declare, proclaim/pronounce.
  2. underplay (verb) – make light of, downplay, understate.
  3. counterpart (noun) – a person who serves the same job/function but in a different location; equivalent.
  4. bilateral (adjective) – involving two groups or countries.
  5. camaraderie (noun) – friendship, togetherness, solidarity.
  6. waking moment (phrase) – at all times (approximately).
  7. underscore (verb) – call attention to, emphasize, highlight.
  8. constitute (verb) – initiate, establish, create/set up.
  9. of sorts (phrase) –  similar to/in a way, somewhat unusual.
  10. strategic partnership (noun) – it is a long-term interaction between two countries based on political, economic, social and historical factors.
  11. pitch (noun) – talk, patter, persuading words.
  12. diaspora (noun) – the dispersion or spread of the people from their homeland.
  13. bonhomie (noun) – friendliness, warmth, geniality/affability.
  14. de-hyphenate (verb) – remove a hyphen (sign) and link together.
  15. repudiation (noun) – rejection, denial, contradiction.
  16. in the loop (phrase) – aware of, informed of, privy to/apprised of.
  17. resume (verb) – restart, recommence, begin again.
  18. stature (noun) – reputation, status, prestige.
  19. leverage (noun) – influence, power, authority.
  20. pragmatism (noun) – realism, practicability, logical thinking; a pragmatic (practical/logical/realistic) way.
  21. eschew (verb) – abstain/refrain from, give up, forgo.
  22. hypocrisy (noun) – false virtue, humbug/empty talk.
  23. infuse (verb) – fill/pervade, imbue; instil.
  24. mark (verb) – outline, indicate, signalize.
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