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GK / GS Questions asked in SSC CPO 2017 Exam [Shift-1 + Shift-2] (01 July 2017)

GK / GS Questions asked in SSC CPO 2017 Exam [Shift-1 + Shift-2] (01 July 2017)

Hello Readers,

As you know that SSC CPO 2017 Examination has started from today. In this post we are sharing some of the Gk / GA Questions asked in this Exam. We'll Also Share second Shift Questions along with Exam analysis in the evening. Keep Visiting.

GK /GA Questions asked in SSC CPO 2017 Exam (01 July 2017) Shift-1

  • Sculpture in Indus Valley Civilization was found from which site ? - Mohenjodaro 
  • Who founded Vikramshila University? - Dharamapala
  • Montreal protocol is re-lated to- depletion of Qzone layer
  • Which Amendment reduced voting age 18 years from 21 years - 61st
  • Gas released from Supersonic Jet - CO, NO2 etc.
  • App launched by Power Ministry - Garv, Urja
  • Seat of president can remain vacant upto (Qmaths)
  • One question on KB-MB-GB conversion.
  • Nitin Thimmaiha is related to which sport ?
  • Inexhaustible energy in stars is due to? (Qmaths)
  • Transformative Cheif Minister Award 2017 ?
  • Who was the president of england in 1947 ?
  • Who invented portland Cement ? 
  • Max. Period of members of rajyasabha ?
  • Chlorine gas found in.? -
  • Which country is not an initial member of SAARC Afganistan nepal bhutan bangladesh
  • Suez canal connect which two sea
  • Which mountain divide Asia from Europe
  • State without international border : UP MP Bihar Punjab

GK /GA Questions asked in SSC CPO 2017 Exam (01 July 2017) Shift-2
  • Bile is stored and concentrated  in ? - Gall Bladder
  • The concept of Heredity was given by?
  • who is known as the father of Zoology ? -
  • Chemical formula of Sodium Bicarbonate?
  • Chittaranjan integral coach factory was implemented in which five year plan ? 
  • When was the first Battle of Panipat fought?
  • Who is the head of municipal corporation ?
  • National income of India was first calculated by whom?
  • Operation pawan in which two country ?? India+
  • Which is not appointed by president. ans- vice president
  • Abhinav bharat was founded by
  • No of ecological hot spots in India? 
  • Question related to Chabahar Port? - Iran
  • Questions related to Champaran and Jalianwala bagh massacre
  • 64th Best movie award 2016 ?
  • Question related to Article 1 ?
  • Which writ is issued by high court to a lower court ?
  • No of languages officially in our constitution
Source- Qmaths.in 

Disclaimer- Questions are based on students feedback and may not be 100% accurate.

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