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How to Score 35+ in SSC-CGL Tier-I Reasoning

Smart Way to Score 35+ in SSC-CGL Tier-I Reasoning

Reasoning section acts as a game changer in the Tier-I exam. Candidates either end up scoring highs or waste a lot of time and still score less in this section. Putting hard work in this section often pays. A majority of the candidates often find the reasoning section difficult and consequently end up scoring less in this section.
This article has been compiled in order to acquaint the aspirants with the effective ways to score 35 out of 50 in Reasoning section of Tier-I:

Most Important & High-Yielding Topics of Reasoning Section

Here is a list of the most important and high-yielding topics of Reasoning section from the Tier-I perspective.
  1. Series – Numeric, Alphabetic
  2. Directions
  3. Alphabet & Dictionary
  4. Coding Decoding
  5. Analogy
  6. Classification/Odd Pair
  7. Rule Detection
  8. Figure Formation
  9. Completion of Pattern
  10. Statement Conclusion
  11. Venn Diagrams
  12. Figure Matrix
  13. Hidden/Embedded Images
  14. Syllogism
  15. Ranking

Effective Tips to score 35 in Reasoning Section of SSC CGL Tier-I

These tips are what differentiates a top scorer from those who barely clear the SSC-CGL Tier-1 cut-off:

1. ‘SMART WORK’ instead of ‘HARD WORK’

The intense competition in the Tier-I exam demands ‘SMART WORK’ instead of ‘HARD WORK’. Focus on the most important topics in the initial stage and advance to the less important ones in the later stages.

2. Learn Shortcuts/Tricks

Learn tricks and shortcuts which greatly aid in solving questions at a faster pace. Do not stick to lengthy problem-solving methods. For reasoning section, you must know series shortcuts, syllogism shortcuts and many more.

3. Learn Efficient Time Management

Time Management can only be learnt through sufficient practice. Attempt a large number of sectional mock tests in order to learn efficient time management. Sufficient practice will help you to figure out the amount of time to be invested in each question.

4. Go with a Set Strategy in Mind

Plan out on the amount of time to be invested in Reasoning section and per question and figure out your Minimum Targetted Attempt. Do not be very rigid with the strategy as you might need to alter it based on the exam difficulty level.

5. Avoid Blind Guesswork/Make Intelligent Guesses

You must ensure not to attempt questions through blind guesswork since it will only award you negative marks for each incorrect response. Try to make intelligent guesses while attempting unknown questions. Go through the options and try to figure out the one which most appropriately satisfies the conditions given in the question.

6. Pay more Emphasis to Coding Decoding questions

Lay more emphasis on Coding-Decoding questions since the number of questions from this topic keeps on increasing every year and you can easily score high in this section if you are prepared well enough.

7. Memorize some points

Make sure that you have an accurate understanding of the directions i.e. which direction is North, South, East and West even when the question is complex. Make sure to memorize the sequence of alphabets and their numerical position from 1 to 26. This will greatly ease solving questions based on Alphabetical/Numeric series.

8. SSC Regularly Repeats Questions/Solve Previous Year Papers

SSC has the habit of repeating questions frequently year after year. Therefore, in order to boost your score in the Reasoning section, solve at least 5-7 previous year papers of Tier-I. This exercise will help you to get acquainted with the types of questions asked and the difficulty level of the Tier-I exam.

9. Attempt Mock Tests and Check Performance

Attempt at least 2-3 mock tests each day during the last one month. Check your performance after each mock test and work on your weaknesses. Also, work on your accuracy since it greatly impacts overall performance in the exam. Also, attempt speed tests with a stipulated time period to enhance your speed.
We are sure that the candidates would definitely succeed in scoring 35 in the Reasoning section if the aforesaid tips are implemented efficiently. To stay Tuned for the latest updates on the SSC CGL Tier-I preparation.
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