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Job Profile of Examiners through SSC CGL Exam (by Ramanujam Sir)

Job Profile of Examiners through SSC CGL Exam (by Ramanujam Sir)

Hello Friends,

We are sharing with you some Frequently asked questions and their answers by Rama Nujam Sir (CGL 2012 Batch Examiner).We are really thankful to him for sharing such a great information.

FAQ. 1

How the examiners and POs get postings in three different zones of Mumbai I. e. Mumbai – I(New Custom House) , II(Nhava sheva port) & III(Airport and Air cargo complex)
Examiners and PO are rotated among these three zones alternatively… Time period for posting in each zone is as below
For examiners- Mumbai I- 1 year, Mumbai II- 3 years, Mumbai III- 3 years(All in Air cargo complex)
For PO – Mumbai I- 1 year, Zone II – 3 years, Mumbai III- 5 Years (2 years Airport + 3 years Air cargo complex)
For More details read Standing order no. Dated 19.03.2015 and 23.03.2015 in link given below
FAQ 2.
What should be state preference for examiner
There are lot of criteria which people think before choosing state, so we can’t generalize this but I have tried to differentiate in different category
In North Indian point of view – Mumbai > Goa > Kolkata > Vizag > Chennai > Kochi
In promotion point of view – Kolkata & Chennai > Kochi > Mumbai > Vizag> Goa
In peace of mind point of view – Goa> Kolkata >Vizag >Kochi > Mumbai >Chennai
In future growth of ports and volume of work-
Vizag > Chennai > Mumbai > Kochi > Goa > Kolkata
In less expensive and more suitable to a lower middle class person – Kolkata >Vizag > Kochi > Chennai > Goa > Mumbai
In work exposure point of view – Chennai > Mumbai > Kolkata > Kochi > Vizag > Goa
In a normal candidate`s preference point of view – Mumbai > Kolkata & Chennai > Goa > vizag > Kochi
FAQ 3. How are the accomodation facilities for PO and examiners
I have already posted about it some times back in May or June… Still every person asking this
Examiners, PO and Excise inspector can apply for type 3 quarters… Latest waiting in Mumbai for accomodation is around 5-6 years…And it will increase exponentialy in coming years because of huge recruitment… All examiners , POs and Excise inspectors are treated at par with each other in quarters allocation… There is no priority for examiner (Many people asked me about this priority point)… As per my assumption you will have to wait for around 8-10 years for quarters allocation…
In respect of high rates of accomodation in Mumbai… Navi mumbai area is the most suitable… It is very well planned… Very much filled with greenery compare to main Mumbai… And all three zones are very much equidistanced from Navi mumbai… You will have to travel around one and half hour to reach any zone from there… The main positive of Navi mumbai is it is very less expensive than main Mumbai… And rent is very payble by a Common person…
PS – I have no idea about quarters Availbility in other zones because no examiner told me anything… But as per the infrastructure of CBEC minimum 3-4 is very much likely to wait for quarters in other cities also…
Is Preventive Officer also eligible to become Appraiser after 3 years of Service
Yes, Preventive Officer has both option in promotion i.e. Superintendent of Customs and Appraiser…
Around 20% in promotion to appraiser are reserved for POs and 80% are for Examiners… means if 10 seats of Appraisers are filled from promotion then from them 8 will be Examiners…and 2 will be PO…
But the catch is There is long queue in waiting to become appraiser… Because there is huge no. of PO apply for the 20% of these appraisers seats.. Approximately time taken by a PO to become appraiser is 14-15 years… and to become Superintendent is 9-10 years… People have to wait 4-5 years more than to become Superintendent… so many people go in superintendent cadre..
FAQ 5.
Can Examiner take ICT to North on the Spouse basis or any other Medical Ground … 
Answer of this is very much known to everyone that Examiner is exclusively posted to main Gateway ports i.e. Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi etc… so there is no possibility that an Examiner can get transfer to North …You have to live in Coastal Cities… 
There are few seats in Jaipur, Chandigarh, Delhi and Kandla Customs on deputation for Appraisers only…So after becoming Appraiser you may get deputation in North for One year only…But seats in above Customs are very less like One in jaipur Customs, One in Chandigarh Customs, 3-4 in Delhi Customs …. So probability of getting Deputation in North Cities as Appraiser got dim further … In the case of Spouse base or any other medical grounds … you cant get ICT to North but you may get ICT to any Coastel Zone like From Mumbai to Kolkata, Chennai, Goa, Kochi and vice-versa but you have to loose your seniority for this … after becoming Assistant Commissioner which takes minimum 15-16 years… you may posted to anywhere in India… from Jammu Kashmir to Kochi… so there will be no restriction of posting after becoming AC…
you may go on deputation in any other department like any other ITI, Excise inspectors but chances are very low because very few posts are available at many candidates from every department try to go on deputation….
so my suggestion to all of you is keep calm and be prepared to live in Coastal Cities….

FAQ 6.
What are the working hours for an examiner, PO and excise inspector … Is Saturday, sunday off, what about night shifts etc 
Working hours as per rule are fixed for any govt job around 40 hours… Your posting is the criteria which will decide your holidays and working hours… Like if you are posted in field or sensitive posting then it will be six day week (except second saturday) , only sunday will be off…In office or Non sensitive posting it will be 5 day week (except few cases like air cargo complex) …
Public holiday will be available as like other govt departments…This will be applicable in all three jobs…
Night shifts – Examiner has very less postings of night shifts… Around 2-5%..very less chances of night shifts being an examiner… PO Has most night shift posting in all three… At airport they have to do night shifts alternatively… Like one day you have day shift 8 AM to 8PM… then next day will be off… But night of that next day will be working… So you have to do 8 PM to 8 AM night shifts… Then you will get two days off… Like if a PO has day shift tommorow 10th September I. e. 8AM to 8 PM… then he will have night shift next i. e. 11 September 8 PM to 12 September 8 AM… then he will get rest on 12 September and 13 September… And next term will be on 14th day I e. 8 AM to 8 PM… And the cycle goes on… If PO are posted in non sensitive posting and in many sensitive posting there is no night shifts… Excise inspector has also very less night shifts… But if in his state there are no PO recruited like in Delhi so at airport excise inspector are posted and they have to do night shifts…Also there are some postings in excise where you have to present in factory premises in night for some clearance… But these postings are very less in number… So in respect of night shifts the probability of posting in night is PO> Excise inspector & Examiners
FAQ 7.
Medical, physical for examiner, PO and excise inspector

Medical and physical standards are written in notification clearly…Physical is done at any ground by the choice of department… And medical will be done at a govt hospital of that city where you will be posted prescribed I’m letter for physical medical… Medical and physical for all three posts is a mere formality… I didn’t see anybody got failed in last three or four years… If you have specs then its okkk… If you can’t ride bycicle then its okk… If you can’t walk then it will be okk… If you your chest is not up to the standards then its also okk… Even you have color blindness then by rule you will be disqualified but I didn’t see anyone got failed due to color blindness… Max to max they will refer you to medical board which will pass you for sure… So don’t worry just chill and enjoy the moment

FAQ 8. How much money an examiner earns…
Salary of examiner in all zones is more or less same..except HRA which is different for different cities…
I am getting so many messages about money other than salary… In my opinion this is the main reason why no examiner replies to anyone…Because of this irritating question many more genuine queries are not responded… Though I don’t claim I am an honest person but I don’t prefer to answer this question… So don’t ask please… If a person will ask this question again I will post screenshot of his message with his name on my timeline….
PS- Sorry for harsh words…

FAQ 9 
What is work of an examiner?
Examiners every where has two types of posting, One is sensitive(Examination) and other is non sensitive (office).. Rotation between them is periodically like here in Mumbai you will be posted in both postings for 6 months alternatively… Means if you are posted in sensitive posting in April – October then you will be posted in office posting for October – April(This time period is different in different zones may be one year for sensitive or non sensitive in some other zones) 
In sensitive posting he has to examine the goods to be imported or exported and examine the duty being paid by exporter and importer…work load in sensitive postings is very very high… You will not have any time to do study or any other things with sensitive posting… Generally it has 6 day week and timings are 10-6 but no body come back from office until all goods have been examined… Generally people got free around 7.30 – 8 PM… Examiners has Authority to stop the consignment of goods if he found it mis declared… But the CHA or private customs agents are so powerful that they reach directly to commissioner and get cleared their consignment by mounting pressure on you… You can raise genuine queries in examination but you are harassing the trade or exporter, importer so much then you may be transferred also… Because govt’s policy is to facilitate the trade… So in practical you have very limited powers ( this situation is in every job, whether it is ITI, AEO, CXI, so I said there is no power in any cgl post) 
In non sensitive or office posting you have to do all the work which an assistant in CSS does… Typing letters, writing note sheets, making monthly or ad-hoc reports… You will have to type a lot in office postings… Appraiser will guide you in typing the things only… You have to do all the typing on your own ( In some cases you will be provided TA but TA can you only in receiving or dispatch of letters, lot of computer typing has to be done by you).. 
In addition to this you may be posted in investigation wing for 6 months or 1 year… Where you have to do alot of work like preventive officers like Search seizure and detention… 
You also may be posted at personnel and establishment section where you have to do the work of posting, promotions, RTI, Administration related work…

FAQ 10
Which is better Examiner or ITI
Alot of candidates are selected in ITI through CGL 13 and for Examiner through CGL 14…so they are asking frequently that which of the two is better n which they should opt for?
My answer is “it totally depends on the individual” … Some people wants peace and homestate. Some can stay anywhere in India… Some don’t want any risk or tension… Some want social respect… Some want financial respect… So it varies with individual… But in my personal opinion for a normal candidate the order should be like this
Homestate Examiner > Homestate ITI > Examiner > ITI other than homestate…
PS – May be this FAQ redundant for many people but alot of queries regarding this are coming to me…
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