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smart notes on Medivial indian history pdf download

Download Smart Notes on Medivial Indian History Pdf 

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Today we are sharing smart notes on Medivial Indian History (English). These notes are very important to many exams like SSC CGL,  CHSL, Indian Railways RRB NTPC (Non Technical), IBPS, LIC, SIDBI, Delhi Police etc.

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Medieval period

1. Lies between the 8th and the 18th century A.D
2. The Early Medieval period (8th-12th century A.O.)
3. Later Medieval period (12th-18th century)
4. Rajputs who belonged to the early medieval period
5. The Rajput Period (647A.D- 1200 A.D.)
6. The Ancient Indian history came to an end with the rule of Harsha and Pulakesin II
7. From the death of Harsha to the 12th century, the destiny of India was mostly in the hands of various Rajput dynasties.

The popular theories are

1. They are the descendants of Lord Rama (Surya vamsa) or Lord Krishna (Chandra vamsa) or the Hero who sprang from the sacrificial fire (Agni Kula theory),
2. They belong to the ancient Kshatriya families,
3. They are foreigners.

There were nearly 36 Rajput' clans. The major clans were

1. The Pratiharas of Avanti.
2. The Palas of Bengal.
3. The Chauhans of Delhi and Ajmer
4. The Rathors of Kanauj
5. The Guhilas or Sisodiyas of Mewar
6. The Chandellas of Bundelkhand
7. The Paramaras of Malwa
8. The Senas of Bengal
9. The Solankis of Gujarat.

The Rajputs lacked unity and struggled with one another
They also neglected the frontiers of India and gave way for the Muslims to invade India at a later period.

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